Special People Who Made A Difference


Salli Hudson

Salli Hudson my long time  friend, gifted me my first and only Cartouche tarot deck that I still use till today.  She found me after a long separation-when I needed her most and as good friend would, she helped guide me in finding my true purpose.  Salli’s exquisite crystal jewelry designs can be found on our product page. The are blessed with energy.  Please inquire about style and color availability. 


Justice Howard

Justice Howard another long time friend and gifted photo artist and visionary who took the amazing portraits of me on this website and made me look better than I actually do! Thanks babe!  Justice’s edgy photography resinates through many esoteric genres and she has worked with countless talent.  


Cathy O'Brien

Cathy O’Brien writer teacher and friend, still to this day teaches me the meaning of transformation. It’s a “Healing-heart- state” of pure Love-that has no time, boundaries, judgement and can be achieved in this life time with guidance, and perseverance. Through her books I’ve begun to understand my own extrasensory perceptions as an audio sentient. She is an expert writer on the extended human condition, trauma and post traumatic stress disorder. Cathy and her husband Mark 's extraordinary literary works can be found at Trance-Formation of America, Access Denied &  PTSD Time To Heal.


Christine Blosdale

Christine Blosdale Writer and  Radio Producer has been a been close, solid friend and soulful confidant. Christine's interest in the esoteric world was a hint that I was headed int he right direction with my gift. Listen to her pod cast Out Of The Box Radio for enlightening information.


Roseanne Barr

Rosenne Barr-  Actress and friend has supported me from the time I met her many years ago now.  She continues to rage on to rule the world, and we’re all happy for her and a bit afraid.  Love you Roseanne, thanks for everything. Roseanne’s website and blog can be found here.