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As  a true Pisces often does, I’ve always had psychic ability.  It is my  perception of what those abilities were and that I had kept an on going  tally of those moments in my head until the day I actually acknowledged  what “it” was.

The  synchronic/psychic moments I’m talking about are the times when you  actually speak the words of events about to happen- that’s the way “it”  comes for me as a newly admitted and “out” of the closet audio sentient.  The only way that I can describe my gift of “knowing” comes from a  vibrational frequency that I feel and  “hear” in my head.  

Menopause  was a definite catalyst for this new/old found frequency as were other  significant stressors that were happening in my life. With practice,  I’ve been able to pull a strand of that “Divine sound vibration” and I  can tap into it.

My  on line audience wanted “tarot cards” so I polished up on my cartouche  readings-an Egyptian identified  tarot deck for interpretation of  frequency, that usually comes naturally to me when I’m reading someone  face to face. Since I believe “relationships are the most important  business of our lives” it is my profound pleasure to help you in yours.

I  look forward to getting to know you and perhaps I can help guide you on  your journey towards life’s inner and outer transformations.

Reading From The Cartouche

Explore the possibilities with a Psychic Reading using the Egyptian Tarrot called, "Cartouche". This 25 card deck is accurate and gives me the reader, speedy and distilled answers to your questions.

This is a sample of the reading cards looks like. We will skype face to face and I will read to you the meanings of these anchient symbols and discuss the options you have to move forward in harmony with your life's purpose.

"All thought is composed of the same material as all physical matter"

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