"We are all mirrors of light, no one shines alone."

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I'm Julia West.  Allow me to provide you with a psychic reading that will reveal your Individual Transformation.

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Reading From The Cartouche

  • The term “cartouche” is a relatively modern one coined by the soldiers of Napoleon’s expedition in Egypt, who saw the sign the likeness of the cartridges or “cartouche” used in their own guns. The cartouche, known in ancient Egypt as the shenu, is derived from the Egyptian verb Sheni which means to encircle. It is very similar to the Shen sign, which is a more circular form. The earliest use of the cartouche in which the king’s name was written was circular and identical with that sign.


Transform Your Perception

Egyptian Cartouche is based on ancient Egyptian (or older) knowledge. The ancient Egyptian symbols depicted on the cards capture the essence of the forces or energies that govern the universe. Many believe the Egyptians gained their knowledge of these forces from an even earlier advanced race who, in turn, were instructed by extraterrestrials from the Sirius star system. The symbols, colors, and meanings of the cards accord both with the designs found on Egyptian temples, pyramids, tombs and old papyri, and with a secret arcane tradition that has been handed down from century to century.


Master The Mind

As we read the tarot cards called cartouche, we discover that creative psychic power is the privilege of the human mind. To limit thought is to limit experience-  Limitations are developed and are made habit by negative thought patterned thinking. Through our psychic readings we break through our  limitations which is the catalyst for all forms of personal transformative evolution.


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